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Beth Leaving Yellowstone? Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 9

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In this article we are going too discussed about Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 9 and is Beth Leaving Yellowstone?

Hello everybody! Only a week left until Yellowstone once again welcomes us with an epic season finale.

How are we so sure that the season finale will be epic? 

Well, so far, the series has never disappointed us. In the season finale of Season 3, we witnessed simultaneous attacks on all the Duttons, all of whom faced a brutal death which kept us on edge for more than a year afterward. Naturally, the stake is very high for Season 4.

Besides, Season 4 is objectively superior to the prior seasons of the show as it is even harsher, full of surprises, and, of course, endless betrayals. 

Yes, interestingly enough, this season is revolving around the topics of disappointment and betrayal a lot, and we cannot get enough of it.

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Is Beth Leaving Yellowstone?

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In the previous episodes of the season, we watched the Duttons looking for the one who attacked them back in Season 3.

In the meantime, their lives changed multiple times, as Kayce moved out from the ranch while Beth moved in with her father.

Jamie, on the other hand, got even more closely with his biological father, Garrett while saying goodbye to the Duttons. 

However, perhaps the best part of all these were the fact that politics intervened once again, this time even inside the Dutton family. 

Suddenly, we found ourselves in a situation in which John is fighting against Jamie for the governorship position, which was unthinkable before.

Now, considering all these incidents, we were anticipating the last two episodes of the season to hit us with the most unexpected, most shocking, and also devastating events of Yellowstone’s history.

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Thankfully, the 9th installment of the season proved us right and hyped up our expectations from the finale episode even more.

Titled “No such thing as fair” the episode started with Beth questioning Rip on his judgments regarding John’s controversial actions. 

Hearing that his father got into a fight with the robbers at a diner during which the sheriff has died made Beth not only angry but also upset. 

We all know that she is still going through the trauma of the fear of losing John since it took him months to recover after the violent attacks.

This incident triggered Beth’s trauma and caused her to lash out to not only Rip but also John.  Rip responded nicely, as he explained that he is not in a position to stop John. He can either watch him or help him, there is no third option. 

Finding Rip’s explanation reasonable, Beth verbally attacked John this time, underlining that she has no intention to go through a similar fear, and thus, he should be careful with his actions.

John stated that he has done the moral thing to do since; otherwise, innocent people might have been killed.

Beth did not care about this argument and show John his burns, stating that if he cares so much about morals, he should be moral enough to find out who did this to his daughter. 

She was referring to Jamie with these words.  John said that he knows who has done it. He is a man in prison who tries to prove he still has power, said John.

He also emphasized that he will not waste his life trying to revenge on that already miserable man. Beth’s answer was harsh:  yes, it is my life that has to be wasted, she said.

Then, John had a phone call from the prison.  Summer Higgins was calling since she was imprisoned for protesting the airport and attacking a police officer.

The state was demanding a lifelong sentence for her, which was absurd in every aspect. She asked for John’s help. 

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At first, John said that she should express that she is remorseful so that she can receive the sympathy of the judge and the others.

When summer said she has no regrets, John got angry. He also hesitated to ask for the judge’s favor despite he is friends with him. 

When we were assuming that things were not going well for summer, she put all her cards onto the table and said that everything was Beth’s idea.

“She was right; it’s barbaric to build an airport nearby a national park. But I wouldn’t have punched the first police officer 

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Image Source: meaww.com/Jamie Gets Killed by Beth?

I see if it wasn’t for her,” she said. John was shocked, though trying to play it cool. Feeling responsible for summer’s situation, 

John gave her his promise and left the room with an obvious rage against Beth. That evening, before dinner, he told her that they will have dinner alone, without Rip and Carter.

It was obvious something was going on with him. Rip wished Beth the best of luck and left the house. Beth, already scared of what her father might have said, refused to sit at the table claiming that she always fights standing up.

This angered John even more and he directly entered the issue by asking Beth why she had done such a thing  to Summer.

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Beth stated that she doesn’t care what has happened to summer. She said that she doesn’t care if Summer goes out or not.

The only thing she cares about is their common cause and the survival of the Yellowstone ranch. I’m working for you daddy, Beth said, and the ones who get harmed on the way are not my concerns.

In response, John mentioned morality and underlined  that there is a difference between harming enemies for deserving to be harmed and hurting innocent  people for their selfish interests.

Beth did not understand the point and questioned what does John  mean. John said that even though he cannot believe saying it, he is disappointed in Beth and they should go their ways since they don’t agree on the terms of morality.

No more collateral damage, John said and added: You should find yourself a new home. Even though Beth resisted claiming that this is her home, John did not step back.

The rest of the night was a pure tragedy for Beth, as she cried for hours listening to Walker’s sad songs. Rip noticed Beth’s sadness but left her alone since he knew he had no chance of helping her.

Conclusion – Beth Leaving Yellowstone

So Guys here we just discussed about Beth Leaving Yellowstone in Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 9.

What do you think of “No such a thing as justice”?

Do you think John was right in kicking off Beth?

Do you think summer will be able to get out of the prison?

What will be the next step for Beth in your opinion?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Thank you for reading, see you at the next one.


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