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How to Watch Yellowstone Season 4 without Cable? Complete Guide 2021

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In this article we will discuss Yellowstone Season 4 and How to Watch Yellowstone Season 4 without Cable? So stick around to the end.

Yellowstone is one of those shows that you can’t get enough of when you become addicted. The show follows the Dutton family, who run the largest ranch in the United States.

Yellowstone Ranch, located in Montana, is the scene of a series of political intrigues and power battles involving other major personalities in the region.

The number of opponents of the Duttons grows each season as the family grows stronger. It got to the point when some family members – a.k.a. Jamie Dutton – betrayed the family and became the family’s new, biggest enemy.

Yellowstone Season 4

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Yellowstone is one of those shows that once you are hooked on, you cannot stop watching it. The show is following Duttons, the family that owns the biggest ranch in the U.S.

The ranch, named Yellowstone, is located in Montana and is witnessing a series of political intrigues as well as power struggles among other prominent figures in the region.

Each season the number of enemies of the Duttons rises, as the family gets stronger.  It reached a point that some of the family members betrayed the family – a.k.a. Jamie – and have become the new, biggest enemy of the family.

Of course, these enemies are nothing for the Duttons, who are known for their ambitious, competitive, merciless, and vigorous nature.

They are a force to be reckoned with and there are not enough enemies to break them down. Even though we mention the Duttons as if they are a part of a single entity, in reality, each member of the family has his/her unique characteristics upon the aforementioned features of the Duttons.

Besides, the show is also highly centered on the political dynamic of Montana, as the valuable land of this beautiful state attracts much attention.

Apart from the local ranchers and ranch owners, there are international figures who are eyeing the region for a possible source of income. 

Montana is full of surprises and has a lot to offer for its residents. However, apart from agriculture, husbandry, and natural resources, the land is also highly popular for its potential to the capitalist world order. 

For instance, in Season 4, we witness the CEO of the biggest investment company in the world try to build an airport in the state, and offer locals to build a casino nearby for a win-win situation. 

In all of these, the Yellowstone ranch is trying not only to survive but also to improve itself and become a nationwide-known ranch.

The Duttons just sent a group of ranchers to Texas to make a name for the Yellowstone ranch. As Montana develops and the rivalry between the ranches increases, 

Yellowstone is forced to step up and try something new for the future of the ranch. The series also has a lot to offer in terms of human interactions and romance. 

The intra-family relations of the Duttons are eye-catching as they are all so proud and strong, causing them to clash often. The family’s relations with one particular member of the 

Duttons, Jamie, were especially unique as he is the odd one and often regarded as the outcast. Jamie is the adopted son of John and has always had a problematic relationship with his family. This situation became more obvious when he found his biological family. 

Now, every single member of the Duttons struggles to have a nice, proper bond with him. As far as the romance goes, Yellowstone’s best couple is undoubtedly Rip and Beth. 

The two are perhaps the most unlikely couple as their characters are not compatible at all. However, their chemistry is amazing. Also, the fact that it took them decades to come together makes this relationship even more special since it is an outcome of massive efforts.

How to Watch Yellowstone Season 4 without Cable?

As you can see, almost everything about Yellowstone is great. So, naturally, everybody wants to watch it. To be honest, most of you already watch it, making it the most-watched series on cable TV.

However, this does not change the fact that watching Yellowstone is not an easy task. Well, these days it feels like it is hard to watch anything outside of Netflix and Amazon Prime. Unfortunately, Yellowstone is on neither of these platforms. 

It is on Paramount Network and its streaming service Paramount+. It is also being streamed on Philo, which offers a free trial and enables access to more than 60 TV channels. 

FuboTV is another place that enables people to watch Yellowstone, as well as Hulu+Live TV. The average monthly price for each one of these streaming services is ranging from $60 to $65.

Each new episode of Yellowstone Season 4 becomes available on all of these platforms on Sunday evenings. When it comes to watching former seasons of Yellowstone, Peacock is the one to go to.

The platform streams all the previous episodes of Yellowstone and is starting to get ready to stream Season 4 of the series as well, soon. Besides, Peacock is much cheaper than the aforementioned platforms, as it costs only $4.99 per month.

The episodes of Yellowstone can also be purchased on platforms such as Amazon Prime, iTunes, and Vudu. In other words, it is impossible to watch Yellowstone without paying some money. Thankfully, the series deserves every single penny.

Yellowstone cast plays a big part in the show’s success and quality. In the series, Kevin Costner stars as John Dutton, Wes Bentley as Jamie Dutton, 

Luke Grimes as Kayce Dutton, Kelly Reilly as  Beth Dutton, Cole Hauser as Rip Wheeler, Kelsey Asbille as Monica Long, Brecken Merrill as Tate  Dutton, Gil Birmingham as Thomas Rainwater, 

Mo Brings Plenty as Rainwater’s Driver, Forrie J.  Smith as Lloyd Pierce, Jefferson White as Jimmy   Hurdstrom, Denim Richards as Colby, Ian Bohen as  Ryan, Ryan Bingham as Walker, Jen Landon as Teeter  and Hassie Harrison as Laramie.

Well, even these names alone show that we are watching an amazing series and should feel blessed to have a show such as Yellowstone.

Still, we cannot help but to wish for the show to be a bit more available to everybody rather than being on paid services only.

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Frequently asked questions regarding to How to watch Yellowstone season 4 without cable?.

What channel is Yellowstone Season 4 on?

Paramount Network is the channel where you may watch your favorite Yellowstone series. On the app, you may watch all of the episodes and full episodes whenever you want.

Can I stream Yellowstone Season 4?

Below are three streaming services that allow you to stream the Yellowstone Season 4:
Sling TV

How can I stream Yellowstone for free?

If you want to watch Yellowstone online for free, go to the official website. However, you are only allowed to watch episodes that broadcast within the previous three days.

Is Yellowstone available on Amazon Prime?

Yellowstone season 3 is now available on Amazon Prime. As a result, premier members can view each episode of Yellowstone season 3.

Conclusion –

So Guys here we just discussed about how to watch Yellowstone season 4 without cable?

What do you think of Yellowstone?

Do you enjoy the series?

Do you think the series deserves every penny?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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