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Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 10 | Dutton’s Revenge | Must Watch

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In this article we are going too discussed about Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 10 and what to expect from Yellowstone’s season finale.

Hello everybody!

This is the big week for all the Yellowstone fans out there. The show is filled with drama, heartbreak, action, and betrayal and this season was not an exception as well.

So far in the season, we watched the Duttons traumatized by the attacks on them. The attacks not only caused physical damages but also emotional damages as well since they knew someone close to them might have caused it.

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Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 10 Overview

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At first, the family struggled to get a clear understanding of what’s been going on. Then, gradually, they all started to develop their own opinions over the case and started going after those opinions.

Kayce remained cautious, while looking for some local criminals that might have been involved in the crime.

Beth went after Jamie as her suspicions were fixed at him. She threatened him and expressed openly that she will be the one who kill him.

John, on the other hand, made inquiries throughout Montana, and his connections provided him with a lead, which eventually required him to ask for Jamie’s help.

Jamie accepted to help, but throughout the process, he found out that Garrett, his biological father, was the one behind the attacks.

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This revelation forced him to back down and cover up the traces that pointed at Garrett. In the last couple of episodes, we watched John simply being satisfied with the knowledge that some imprisoned angry criminal was behind the attacks.

Beth was not satisfied but also had no option to confirm her suspicion over Jamie. Kayce, on the other hand, had so many other occupations that did not allow him to focus on this subject.

This week, in the season finale of the series, we expect this topic to finally be resolved with one shocking revelation after another.

In the previous episode, we watched Beth and John falling apart for the first time. We know that the two have some of the strongest bonds that go beyond the father-daughter relationship.

They are best friends, companions, and partners in crime. Therefore, when John told Beth that he is disappointed with her, it was painful for both sides.

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Both parties were shocked that they came to this point, and now will go on separate ways. The reason behind this estrangement was Beth’s undermining of morality by throwing the innocent people, particularly Summer Higgins, under the bus for her interests.

Even though John’s moral stance is also highly questionable, the fact that someone he truly cares about will suffer because of his daughter was an unbearable idea for him.

Beth put John into a difficult position. He had to give his promise to Summer just to clean up Beth’s mess and also to get rid of the feeling of being ashamed.

When he opened up about this to Beth, she couldn’t understand him as she is raised by John learning that everything is acceptable when it comes to preserving the interests of Yellowstone.

There were still some limits that she failed to notice, and eventually, led her to lose her father.

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In the final episode, we expect a counterattack from Beth. When she got the news from John on being kicked out of Yellowstone, she suffered so much that she couldn’t do anything but cry for hours.

But, we feel like she will recover from her initial response and will come up with a concrete plan. We believe Beth will try to find a way to win over his father.

She will probably dig into the secrets of Market Equities to come up with some valuable information that can be used against the company.

She might also face Summer and apologize to her. Though we cannot imagine Beth apologizing to someone, even for getting his father back, she might do an important favor instead of an apology and save Summer from getting lifetime imprisonment.

She is also likely to go after Jamie since he is the rival of John in the governorship race. Naturally, if she tries to find information on Jamie and shows them to John, she might prove her value to his father once again.

There is a high chance that she goes to the prison and visits the aforementioned prisoner who is thought to be responsible for the attacks.

If she plays her cards right, that man can confess Garrett’s involvement with the case. This would fuel Beth’s already existing hatred against Jamie and she can face him as a heroic move.

Since she already promised to kill him, we wouldn’t be surprised if Jamie faces death at the hands of Beth in this episode.

We are not sure what would be the response of John to such a situation. However, we know that John is already not a fan of Jamie, as he is against him enough to rival him.

Thus, he might even take the gun into his own hands to face his son. Either way, Jamie’s life is at risk and we would be surprised if he survives the final episode of Yellowstone Season 4.

We also expect to see Kayce moving down the mountain where he secluded himself in meditation with great revelations about his destiny.

We are not sure what will those revelations be. However, he might even offer to replace his father in the governorship race against Jamie, which would not only suit him but also would make John very happy as he hates the idea of being a governor.

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Yellowstone season 4 episode 10 official trailer –

What’s the yellowstone season 4 episode 10 release date?

Yellowstone season 4 episode 10 will air on Paramount Network and CMT on Sunday, January 2nd, 2022 at 8 p.m. ET.

Conclusion – Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 10

So Guys here we just discussed about Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 10.

What are your expectations from the Yellowstone season 4 finale?

Do you think the show will manage to have a final episode that will top Season 3’s epic finale?

Do you think Jamie will manage to survive this season?

Who do you think will be the killer of Jamie?

Beth, or John?

Where do you see Kayce in 5 years?

What will his destiny be in your opinion?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Thank you for reading, see you at the next one.


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