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Yellowstone Season 4 Finale Explained (RECAP)

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Here we will discuss everything we know about Yellowstone Season 4 Finale Episode 10 the ending of this season.

Hello everybody!

First of all happy New Year to all of you. We hope 2022 treats you better than 2021 did. We couldn’t be more excited about what 2022 holds for us.

However, based on its initial surprise, which is the final episode of Yellowstone Season 4, we can already say that this year will not be like the others.

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Yellowstone Season 4 Finale Explained

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Yellowstone is one of the best shows out there, if not the best show of all time. It is following the Duttons, who are the owners of the biggest ranch in Montana, Yellowstone.

The Duttons have been holding on to the ranch for centuries, and are very proud to do so. That being said, the modern way of life is not making any favors for anyone who is dedicated to pursuing a traditional ranching lifestyle and business.

Naturally, the road of running Yellowstone is filled with challenges and traps, most of which the Duttons manage to survive through.

Still, now and then, some challenges hit differently, to the point of making not only a physical but also an emotional impact.

The brutal attacks of Season 3 final can be counted as one of those challenges, as it took a complete season for the family to wrap up that case for good.

The attacks also raised the bar too high when it comes to the season finals of Yellowstone, to the point that almost 11 million people tuned in to watch the Season 4 premiere as they were dying over curiosity to see what had happened to the Duttons in the Season 3 final.

Therefore, even though we extremely enjoyed watching Season 4, our expectations were quite moderate when it comes to its final, assuming that it would fail in outrunning Season 3.

Unfortunately, we are still sticking to our presumption about the Season 4 final, even after watching it. It did not give the same impact as the Season 3 final in our opinion.

And yet, it was also far from being moderate. To be honest, we were pleasantly surprised to see that even though the Season 4 final was not as great as the Season 3 one, it was still filled with unexpected plot twists that shook us.

The episode started with Beth, packing her bag to leave Yellowstone after John kicked her off. Seeing her like that, Rip woke up and reminded her that running away is not a solution to anything.

Beth resisted at first but then realized Rip was right. So, she went back to John, apologized to him, and said she would like to stay. John said he loves her and accepted her demand willingly.

So, in the very first scene, we resolved the biggest conflict of Episode 9. Then, Beth decided to do things right this time and determined their attacker, which is in prison, as her first target.

She went to the prison, pretending that there will be a conjugal visit. Her initial intention was to kill the guy.

However, upon meeting him, she learned that he wasn’t the main perpetrator of the attack. She also learned that Jamie also visited him in prison.

This determined her next stop. And yet, before dealing with Jamie, she saw a priest on the street and kidnapped him so that he can marry her and Rip.

It was an impulsive decision that shocked not only Rip but also John and Carter. Lloyd became the best man of Rip and we witnessed one of the weirdest weddings of all time.

There were no families and friends, no ceremony, even no vows. The only thing that was present was Rip and Beth’s extreme desire to get married, which was lovely to watch.

Of course, John made Beth promise that he will gift them a proper wedding soon, meaning we will watch a grand ceremony in Season 5. The very next day, our adorable bride went to Jamie’s office.

When Jamie came to his office, his secretary informed him on the visit as always and, let’s admit it, Jamie needs a new secretary since she always fails to mention Beth’s name, which is a major fault considering Beth’s hatred toward Jamie.

Jamie was upset to see her, of course, but still tried to play it cool, at least for a couple of minutes.

Then, Beth showed him that she visited the prison, and is sure that Jamie was the one who was behind the attacks.

Jamie said that if she spoke with the guy, she must know that he is innocent, that he was only asking if Garrett was involved in it.

Then, Beth asked: was he involved in it?

When Jamie said yes, Beth stated that the reason why Jamie decided to keep this a secret was the fact that he wanted these attacks to happen to his family, and he is tricked by his father.

Then, Beth said that he will let the authorities inform on Garrett’s crimes and Garrett will probably throw Jamie under the boss to save himself.

After Jamie’s face turned purple, she proposed the second option, which is to let Rip know about Garrett, and by doing so killing Garrett, and then to mention Rip how Jamie disabled her from having babies, which will be the end of Jamie as well.

Then, Jamie started to beg Beth, leading her to the third option. The next thing we know is Jamie shot his father dead and tried to cover up his traces by burying him somewhere on the border of Wyoming.

Besides, Beth has a picture of him holding Garrett’s lifeless body. in other words, this is the end of Jamie as an independent man and the beginning of his slavery to Duttons.

Conclusion – Yellowstone Season 4 Finale

So Guys here we just discussed about Yellowstone Season 4 Finale explained and Yellowstone season 4 finale recaps.

What did you think of the Yellowstone season 4 final?

Did the ending exceed your expectations?

Do you think it was out of character for Jamie to do such a violent thing and commit patricide?

Let us know what you think in the comments below. Thank you for reading, see you at the next one.


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