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Trustrise Presale!! Dont Miss Out On An Easy 100x Gem | EXPLAINED

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In this article, we are going to discuss on Trustrise Presale on Safemoon Coin. So make sure you stick around to the end of this article to find out everything.

Disclaimer: This blog is not intended to advise you to buy any cryptocurrencies or to invest in any way. This is simply an amateur’s opinion, not that of a financial advisor. I recommend speaking with your financial advisor and making your own research before investing in cryptocurrency.


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So, I stumbled on this project that I think will really interest you as a SafeMoon fan and a lover of tokenomics and reflections.

It’s called TrustRise, and if you’re reading this article right now, you have the unique opportunity to buy into this project and become an early investor.

TrustRise is having its presale event on December 10, at 4 pm UTC. So, you have barely 48 hours to get ready.

Make sure to read this article to the end right now!

Now, before we get into the article, please keep in mind that this article is not financial advice.

This article is strictly for information and entertainment purposes only. So, you’re advised to do your own research and observe market trends before parting with your hard earned money, investing in any project.

With that said, what is TrustRise?

TrustRise is an all-new on-chain DeFi game intended to bring a fun, fresh and rewarding xperience to its holders.

Like tokens that operate with the mechanism of tokenomics, TrustRise has fees embedded in its smart contract to reward hodlers and penalize sellers.

As explained in the project’s whitepaper, what most tokens lack and what consequently makes them fail is the lack of inclusiveness.

The almost infinite supply of tokens across various blockchains seems never ending. These tokens appear to provide close to zero functionality.

What’s more, these tokens appear to eventually die out due to the lack of functionality. However, the main reason that these tokens die out is because these tokens aren’t centered around what’s most important: the community.

The lack of inclusiveness is what drives these tokens to their downfall. This is where TrustRise originates from. TrustRise is a token that is built with its holders at heart.

TrustRise gamified the DeFi experience for holders. In short, TrustRise can be seen as an on-chain community driven game. TrustRise holders play an essential role in the entire experience.

The involvement of the community is what drives TrustRise and is what makes TrustRise a true, community-owned token.

The development team will do everything to provide a fun experience and help grow TrustRise together with its community and attract more users to play the game with.

But as I mentioned earlier, you have the opportunity to be an early investor right now before the market becomes flooded.

The presale event will be held on December 10, 4 pm UTC. Everyone who participates will get the opportunity to buy the tokens at a massive discount. But we’ll get to that later.

Don’t forget that buying early means you get to possibly enjoy massive rewards in the future should the token go parabolic.

But let’s get into the core of how this project works and what makes it tick. As I mentioned earlier, TrustRise comes with tokenomics but it’s not the same as the regular tokenomics you’ve always known.

TrustRise is bringing a twist where transaction fees will get as high as 49%. But hey before you run off panicking, there’s a way this works.

First off, the 49% tax fee is only going to apply to those selling. As you can guess, this is supposed to discourage people from selling off their holdings.

The buy fee, on the other hand, is kept at 6% which is much lower than SafeMoon’s transaction fee.

In between the super high sell fee and the super low buy fee, this project is probably going to look quite attractive to potential investors.

And if the project is able to attract a huge influx of investors, then prices will likely go up since selling will be quite unattractive to holders, considering the crazy selling fee.

But here’s another twist. After the presale event is finalized, traders will get one hour during which they will be able to trade the TrustRise token as normal. So, basically no crazy fees.

However, after the one hour of normal trading is exhausted, the game begins. And then, after each day, the sell fee will reduce by 3% until the sell fee falls back to 6%.

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Quite interesting, right?

Anyway, in the week leading up to the presale event, the team will be doing some aggressive marketing to ensure that the project gets enough hype.

This will give the token the momentum it needs to hit the ground running. Choosing to do a massive marketing campaign in one week is going to have a really huge impact, and prices are likely to soar as a result.

So, this is another reason to invest early during the presale event if you want to get the chance to profit from the first round of price pumps.

The presale event is on December 10, 4 pm UTC. don’t forget that. But of course, remember that none of this is financial advice.

It’s important to do your own research before you decide to invest. As I said, this project is really big on rewarding its earliest investors and the crazy selling fee is part of that plan.

Get this, if you hold on to your tokens and don’t sell until the sell fee falls to 6%, you get a chance to win a part of the large prize pool that would have accumulated by then.

To understand how this works, you need to understand TrustRise’s tokenomics. The 6% buy fee is split three ways with 2% going to a liquidity pool, another 2% going to a prize pool which you’d get to win from if you wait till the sell fee falls to 6%, and the final 2% going back to investors as reflections.

But things get really interesting with the sell fee as 2% goes to the liquidity pool, another 2% goes to the prize pool, while the rest of the tax goes back to all holders as reflections.

That means, if the fee is still at 49% by the time someone sells, 45% of the tax will go back to holders.

It’s huge as you can see. Plus, the longer you’ve been holding, the more you’ll get to earn. Alright, let’s talk about the presale event.

The event will go down on December 10, at 4 pm UTC in cooperation with DxSale on the DxSale platform.

This presale event gives you the chance to invest early in the project so you can get the extra benefit of investing early.

You already know the simple rules. One hour of regular trading after the event is launched.

And then after that, a 3% reduction in fee each day till it falls to 6%. For your peace of mind, liquidity has been locked till 2030.

This way, investors can be sure that their money is safe and that the dev team isn’t going to make away with their people’s investments.

But of course, this is not financial advice. So, it’s still important to do your own research.

Now, let’s talk auditing.

This is another very important factor to look out for when looking to invest in a project. Auditing, especially when conducted by a reliable auditing company, is a way for project creators to prove to potential investors that their project is safe and not a rug pull.

The TrustRise contract has been audited and verified by MarketMove, coming out with a score of 97%. It has also been audited and verified by Coinsult, coming out with an overall score of 91%.

There are six of them and they’ve all been KYC verified. KYC verification is important because it means that you can be sure that these people are actually who they claim to be.

It’s a very important move in ensuring that the team remains transparent and accountable to the community which should help build trust.

Do keep in mind that we’ve only got about 48 hours before the presale event goes live. As I mentioned earlier, this presale event comes with a huge 20% discount.

This means that for whatever price the token is listed on Pancake Swap, you get to buy it for 20% less.

The earlier you load up those bags, the more you’ll get to earn over time. Don’t forget that reflections from the sell tax will reduce over time until it gets to 2%.

So, if you’re among those who get in first, you’ll get to enjoy larger rewards and for a longer time too.

If you want to keep up to date with all the developments in the project, then make sure to follow TrustRise on its socials and join the Telegram community too.

The group is quite active and the team members are always on hand to answer any question you might have.

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Image Source: medium.com/Trustrise Presale

Conclusion – Trustrise Presale

This brings us to the end of today’s article. Hopefully, you found this interesting. If you enjoyed this article, then please leave a comment in the comment section.


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