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Shytoshi Kusama Just Revealed about PRICE PUMP of Shiba Inu Coin 2021

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In this article we are going to discuss about PRICE PUMP of Shiba Inu Coin. So, stick to the end because Today’s article is full of major updates.

Shiba Inu takes the top spot among the leading ERC20 tokens despite the latest fall in price. The whales are securing the most out of the Shiba Inu dip by adding more and more shib tokens to their portfolio.

Recently, another whale purchased 100 Billion tokens in this recent price drop. Shiba Inu is the most purchased crypto by whales surpassing Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other cryptos lead coins.

How many tokens each whale is securing?

Why whales are adding more shib tokens?

What is coming next?

These questions will be answered today. We’ll also look at whether now is a good time to buy Shiba Inu currency. So, stick around for that because today’s article is full of upcoming Shib updates.

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Disclaimer: The information in this post is intended to be educational only and should not be construed as financial advice.

PRICE PUMP of Shiba Inu Coin 2021

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Image Source: Goodreturns.in/PRICE PUMP of Shiba Inu Coin

Everyone is hoping to earn profits in the fourth quarter of this year. Many of us made enough money from Shiba Inu in October and the second quarter of 2021, primarily in the month of August.

Still, many shib holders are holding millions of tokens expecting that Shiba Inu will cut a few zeroes out from its price and will give good returns. 

If you are a Shiba Inu dips holder or intend to purchase Shiba Inu dips, Then this is the article for you. The trend of whales making large leaps in the market, particularly for Shiba Inu, continues.

According to WhaleStats, a monitoring service for giant crypto investors, the second largest Binance Coin wallet purchased nearly 100 billion SHIB tokens. The tokens were purchased for around $3,800,000 by the whale.

According to data from WhaleStats, the top 1000 Ethereum wallets contain about $2 billion in Shib tokens. The whale’s holdings are now dominated by the dog-themed meme coin, which has a 10% market share.

According to observer expert, the recent pullback in the Shiba Inu meme token may have heightened anxiety in some trading circles, but huge cryptocurrency market professionals, often known as whales, appear unconcerned by recent price activity.

Some crypto enthusiasts predict this massive purchase to be something done by Robinhood.

What do you think about such massive purchases?

Do let us know in the comment section down below.

Meanwhile, Shiba Inu has been trading downwards in the past few weeks. In the last 30 days, the meme currency has lost about 29% of its value.

However, the data suggests that the whale investor is anticipating a market price boom and is hence buying the dip.

But is this good news for Shiba Inu.

Will this help Shiba Inu to hold its price or pump more?

Yes, with an increasing number of whales on the market, retail traders will no longer constitute the majority of the market, and whales. In contrast to small traders tend to hold their position until new highs arrive.

Over the past few months, the Shiba Inu community has seen several positive developments that are culminating in sentiments being highly bullish for Shib.

The recent revelation that the currency would soon be utilised in its own blockchain game is one such example. The watershed moment is projected to be a demand factor for SHIB, resulting in a significant reduction in the market’s supply.

This was announced by one of the token’s leading developers, Shytoshi Kusama, who described the planned feature to be the “future of gaming.”

Further, a few days back, according to whale stat data, the Shiba Inu coin has the maximum number of whales and massive average holding.

Each Shib Whale on average has purchased over 20 Billion Shib tokens worth 1.1 million dollars. But, the major question is, why whales are buying more and more even in this downtrend of Shiba Inu price?

To understand this, let’s check the history of purchases done in this month and the amount associated to each.

During the first week of November, it was reported that a mysterious whale purchased around $750 million worth of Shib coins in 10 days.

The whale religiously filled his wallet from October end to the first week of November and purchased Shib seven different times.

However, the identity of the whale remains to be a secret. It is not known if the buyer is an individual, trading platform, or business entity. Anyway, the identity of the whale is not confirmed and the transaction remains unidentified.

Also, during the first week of November, an anonymous whale purchased 40 trillion Shib coins worth $2.78 billion to four different wallets. 

The wallets in question have no previous history of transactions and the transactions were all new. Moving further, a few days ago a mysterious whale transferred 20 trillion Shib tokens worth 1.1 billion dollars. This is somehow the biggest whale movement across Shiba Inu in 2021. 

To be specific, the whale transferred over 20 trillion Shiba Inu tokens from crypto.com and moved it to an anonymous wallet address.

The interesting fact is, Even the best of whale watchers were unable to trace the wallet address where the tokens were moved to.

Large traders and crypto investors are the ones who control market pricing and can affect the direction of the price trend, so an increase in the number of whales is usually regarded as a positive indication for an asset.

However, there is biggest news for shiba Inu hodlers that, Shiba Inu Becomes Largest ERC-20 Holding among Top 1,000 ETH Wallets. Yes, as per the tweet done by whalestat, Shiba Inu breaks through the smaller altcoin to regain its top among the most popular ERC-20 tokens.

After a strong 50% market correction, Shiba  Inu lost part of its capitalization and, more importantly, popularity among Ethereum  whales that decided to shift attention to other tokens that they seem to believe have a growth  potential greater than SHIB: BEST, OKB and CRO.

But still the major question that is in everyone’s mind is, Will Shib hit 1 cent?

To hit one cent, is difficult but not impossible. What if we reduce the token supply and burn massive tokens? Well in that way it is possible to cut few zeroes out of its price or even hit 1 cent.

The process of removing tokens out of the circulating supply by sending tokens to a dead wallet address is known as the burning process.

Developers of the shiba inu ecosystem are aware of these massive supply problems, and introduced many burn projects to date. 

Recently, we got an update from Shytoshi, the lead developer of Shiba Inu about another massive burn project coming this last quarter of 2021.

What can a shib holder expect in 2021? Will the price go up or fall down? Is this a good time to buy the dips? Let’s continue and analyze Shiba Inu’s price prediction for Shiba Inu in this last quarter of 2021.

Almost every Crypto experts and analysts are bullish toward Shiba Inu, not just because of Shiba Inu hype on social media. 

But, due to the upcoming Robinhood listing  and developer’s projects like NFT gaming, play to earn, own blockchain and Riyoshi  Token, that all too in this last quarter.

According to our prediction, Shiba inu can easily cut a few zeroes out of its price with a Robinhood listing and will hit 1000 satoshi units easily.

As burn process will take time, but it is confirmed that, Shib is going to bounce soon in this quarter. Once this burn executes, the price of Shiba inu will increase exponentially.

Conclusion – PRICE PUMP of Shiba Inu Coin

Before ending this, kindly note that prices of cryptocurrencies frequently change, so by the time you watch this Article, it might have changed to a whole new value.

The information provided in this Article does not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other sort of advice, and you should not treat any of the content as such.


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